Thermal conductivity analysers for insulation material production
Direct distribution by manufacturer
Long-term security with 3-years factory warranty
Consultation, support, service and maintenance by manufactorer direct
Contact us directly and allow us to advise you!

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Financial resources


FinanzierungIn case finance we can support our customers with two options:


with following standard conditions:

⇒ Advance payment 20% of original price
⇒ Retention of ownership Until such time as the goods are paid in full, we remain the rightful owner of same
⇒ Contract term 12…60 month
⇒ Interest rate please enquire concrete


(available for German customers only)

with following standard conditions:

⇒ Contract structure cancellable leasing
⇒ Special payment 0 €
⇒ Contract term 60 month
⇒ Monthly leasing rate actual 1,75….1,97 %


If you are interested for one option, please contact us any time with your concrete questions!